The Cost of Health Care

On the front page of the Louisville Courier-Journal this morning (and the first story I heard this morning on CNN), the headline reads “The Cost of Health Care”.  Apparently hospitals try to make money, who knew? In all seriousness, this is something that we’ve been talking to our clients about since 2003.  This is a […]

Flow Chart for Employers

Below is a flow chart for all sized employers.  The flow chart is an easy configuration to determine whether or not your employer will pay a penalty if they don’t offer affordable coverage. Remember, your employer doesn’t have to offer coverage, the employer can still decide that it’s in their best interests to pay the […]

W-2 Reporting Requirements

Starting with the 2012 Tax Year, businesses that file more than 250 W-2’s will be required to disclose the cost of the employee’s medical insurance.  All size businesses will start doing this with the 2013 tax year. Please consult your Accountant about what other benefits may also be required to be reported. This guide was […]

November Diabetes Awareness Month

Here’s a calender that Anthem put together to help diabetics treat their condition. Anthem Diabetes Calender

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Below is a newsletter that United Health Care produces for employers and employees about Diabetes.  Very interesting and informative.  Please feel free to print and share with your employees.   Diabetes Newsletter

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here is a newsletter that United Health Care puts out to their clients. Breast Cancer Awareness

President Obama’s claim that insurance premiums ‘will go down’

This article was taken from the Washington Post from their fact checker blog.  Interesting stuff…

Medical Loss Ratio Rebates

A few points to mention: This represents less than 10% of private health insurance consumers The average rebate is $151/family A small percentage will actually see a check b/c if you currently acquire your health insurance through your employer, the employer will get the insurance rebate check – however, most carriers are not wanting to […]

FDA may let patients buy drugs without prescriptions – Washington Times

Doctors can’t be happy with this   FDA may let patients buy drugs without prescriptions – Washington Times.

Health insurer rebates to top $1 billion | BenefitsPro

Interesting read.  Something that probably wouldn’tve happened without Health Care Reform.    Health insurer rebates to top $1 billion | BenefitsPro.