Follow Up Post to The Cost of Health Care

As a Board Member of our Professional Association (Greater Louisville Association of Health Underwriters, or GLAHU) I’m currently Co-Chair of our Media Relations.  I try to submit something monthly, and especially when there is a major story on health care or health insurance.  I think I’ve had at least three in the paper over the course of my time (since 2008).   I had one get published on a Sunday (that’s the one that I received the most comments about, I think three people said something to me, all over the age of 60! Go figure…Ha Ha).

So, the process is when I see something, I send it to our National Association, and I ask them to put something together, or I work with them, but usually Kathryn at NAHU always gives me something great.

This morning I submitted the below editorial to the Courier-Journal.  I’ve had good luck in the past getting in, so let’s hope we get another one!

Dear Editor,

A recent article reported that hospitals across the country are charging “wildly varying amounts for common major medical care” (“Costs for same medical procedures vary widely at Louisville hospitals,” May 9). Even the director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Jonathan Blum, questions the validity of the practice.


The healthcare law’s efforts to improve access to insurance are admirable, but the problem isn’t limited to the cost of health insurance. If we continue to ignore this “cost shifting” in hospitals as well as other pricing issues with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare equipment providers, medical malpractice suites and other causational factors, coverage will remain unaffordable. Addressing the system’s cost drivers is crucial to preventing that unfortunate outcome.

M. Zachary Zinser

Media Relations Co-Chair

Greater Louisville Association of Health Underwriters


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