60% of Parents May Opt NOT to keep Recent College Grads on their Health Plan

In a new survey from Kelton Research released Monday, roughly 60% of parents are going to opt NOT to carry their recent college graduates on their health plan. The reasons are vast – some say they want their children to get it on their own, others say it’s too expensive to keep their children on their plan.

Here’s the link to the study:



The reason this is such an issue right now is because of the recent Health Care Reform laws. This shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of families out there. Most 21-26 year olds are healthy enough to obtain their own insurance. I will concede that paying for it is entirely different matter, but there are inexpensive major medical plans available to this population of Americans.

Most parents aren’t aware of how inexpensive it is to buy a policy for their adult aged children. There are plans out there for as little as $50 a month. This plan may not be the “Cadillac” of medical plans, but it will bridge the gap until these recent college graduates get hired.

If you would like to pursue this option, we have the capability to request an online quote, and to apply with the company. There are links on our website that will take you to either Anthem’s individual website, or Humana’s individual website. If you don’t feel comfortable with this method, please feel free to contact us either via phone or email.

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