November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Below is a newsletter that United Health Care produces for employers and employees about Diabetes.  Very interesting and informative.  Please feel free to print and share with your employees.   Diabetes Newsletter

FDA may let patients buy drugs without prescriptions – Washington Times

Doctors can’t be happy with this   FDA may let patients buy drugs without prescriptions – Washington Times.

Brand Name Drugs vs. Generic Drugs

One of the driving factors for the increase of medical insurance premiums is the cost of prescription drugs. There is a prescription for everything. Twenty years ago, we weren’t walking into our doctor’s office asking for a prescription by name. Today we know the names of the prescription we want to take, and we ask […]

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. This is a newsletter that United Health Care designed to be given to the man or men in your life. Men are notorious for ignoring their preventative health. This newsletter gives some information on when to get specific tests, and what tests you should be getting. Also, with the […]

Family Health Care Costs Rise Again

An independent actuarial and healthcare consulting firm Milliman Inc., is reporting that American families who obtain their health insurance through their employer are experiencing a 7.3% increase in their health insurance in 2011. This is $19,393 per family in 2011. The study is also showing that employers are paying less of the premium for their […]

Preventive Care and Employees

Preventive care is medical care that focuses on disease prevention and health maintenance.  Preventive services result in earlier detection of diseases.  Having your preventive checkups completed also may lead to earlier discovery and identification of risks that could lead to further health problems down the road.  Common examples of preventive care services are screening tests, […]