Key Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

Below is a link to the U.S. Small Business  Administration Home Page.  The SBA does a good job of breaking down some of the key components of PPACA and how they apply based on the size of your business. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Small Business Tax Credit

With businesses winding down for the 2011 calender year, this tax credit calculation tool will come in handy to the many small business customers that health insurance companies have.  This link is from United Health Care and goes over the small business tax credit. Certain small businesses that offer health benefits are now eligible for […]

Family Health Care Costs Rise Again

An independent actuarial and healthcare consulting firm Milliman Inc., is reporting that American families who obtain their health insurance through their employer are experiencing a 7.3% increase in their health insurance in 2011. This is $19,393 per family in 2011. The study is also showing that employers are paying less of the premium for their […]

Small Business Tax Credit

Small Group Tax Credit With April 15th right around the corner, here’s some information about the Small Business Tax Credit that is available to employers that have fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees. This tax credit is available to employers that maintained a “qualifying arrangement” under which the employer pays a certain percentage of the […]