Value vs. Growth Investing

Value vs. Growth Investing There are those who favor value and those who favor growth. Provided by M. Zachary Zinser You might be initially confused by these terms or even suspect they aren’t that different in terms of what each model offers you as an investor, but they are very distinct approaches, and it’s good […]

Social Security by the Numbers

Social Security by the Numbers Facts about the federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program. Provided by M. Zachary Zinser Social Security has been a pillar of retirement life for several decades, but how much do you really know about it? Here are some facts that might surprise you: The Social Security trust fund […]

Certain Uncertainties in Retirement

Certain Uncertainties in Retirement Two financial unknowns may erode our degree of confidence. Provided by M. Zachary Zinser The financial uncertainties we face in retirement may risk reducing our sense of confidence, potentially undermining our outlook during those years. Indeed, according to the 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, only 17% […]

Countdown to College

Preparing for college means setting goals. Provided by M. Zachary Zinser Most parents want to give their children the best opportunity for success and getting into the right college may help open doors. According to the latest income-per-education-level data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American adults who have a bachelor’s degree had median […]

Your Emergency Fund:How Much is Enough?

Your Emergency Fund: How Much is Enough? Have you ever had one of those months? The water heater stops heating, the dishwasher stops washing, and your family ends up on a first-name basis with the nurse at urgent care. Then, as you’re driving to work, giving yourself your best, “You can make it!” pep talk, you […]

The Value of Insuring Against Life’s Risks

The Value of Insuring Against Life’s Risks Building wealth requires protection from the forces of wealth destruction.   Provided by M. Zachary Zinser   When you are planning for your future, what do you think about? You may think about your retirement, enjoying having the time and money to take trips and pursue your interests. […]

Why Do You Need a Will?

According to the global analytics firm Gallup, only about 44% of Americans have created a will. This finding may not surprise you. After all, no one wants to be reminded of their mortality or dwell on what might happen upon their death, so writing a last will and testament is seldom prioritized on the to-do […]

When You Retire Without Enough

When You Retire Without Enough Start your “second act” with inadequate assets, and your vision of the future may be revised.   Provided by M. Zachary Zinser      How much have you saved for retirement? Are you on pace to amass a retirement fund of $1 million by age 65? More than a few […]

Health insurer rebates to top $1 billion | BenefitsPro

Interesting read.  Something that probably wouldn’tve happened without Health Care Reform.    Health insurer rebates to top $1 billion | BenefitsPro.    

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